Jones College

Social Science Division

The Social Science Division offers courses in the areas of Criminal Justice, Geography, Government, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology. These courses provide students with a broad cultural background for developing personal and professional competence, intelligent curiosity and integrity, and an understanding of people of the society in which they live.

 The colleges and universities offering a bachelor degree in these related fields of study
may vary in some requirements. See the adviser for these programs and refer to specific
college and university catalogs for course acceptance verification.

Social Science Curriculum

How to Enroll

  • Step 1 - Complete a Jones Admissions Application. Applications can be completed online or mailed to: Jones College, Admissions Office, 900 South Court Street, Ellisville, MS 39437. 
  • Step 2 - Send an official copy of the final high school transcript, previous college transcript, and/or GED scores to the Jones Admissions Office.
  • Step 3 - Submit ACT/SAT scores to the Jones Admissions Office.

Julie Atwood
Jones Hall Room 152
(601) 477-4053

Carson Atwood
 Jones Hall Room 153
(601) 477-5467

Kathryn Davis
Jones Hall Room 253
(601) 477-4027

Stephanie Green
Jones Hall Room 154
(601) 477-5469
Caren Griffin
Political Science, Psychology
Jones Hall Room 156
(601) 477-8920

Sarah Ishee
Jones Hall Room 158
(601) 477-4031

Stacy Ruth
Jones Hall Room 155
(601) 477-5471