Jones College

Culinary Arts

Program Length

Two Semesters
Four Semesters

Degree(s) Offered

Associate in Applied Science

The Culinary Arts program is designed to prepare students to enter a food service occupation. Students completing the four semester curriculum are trained in various production and management areas of food service operations. Students completing the two semester certificate program will specialize in production.


How to Enroll

  • Step 1 - Complete a Jones Admissions Application. Applications can be completed online or mailed to: Jones College, Admissions Office, 900 South Court Street, Ellisville, MS 39437. 
  • Step 2 - Send an official copy of the final high school transcript, previous college transcript, and/or GED scores to the Jones Admissions Office.
  • Step 3 - Submit ACT/SAT scores to the Jones Admissions Office.

Chef Joshua Oubre
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Chef Kalee McBride
Technology Service Center
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CUT 1114 – Culinary Principles I
Fundamentals of food preparation and cookery emphasizing high standards for
preparation of meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, soups, stocks, sauces, and farinaceous items. Four semester credit hours: Two hour lecture, four hour lab.

CUT 1124 – Culinary Principles II
This course offers advanced study and application of Culinary Principles I to polish
and perfect the techniques of food preparation and cookery emphasizing high standards for food preparation. Four semester credit hours: Two hour lecture, four hour lab.

CUT 1134 – Principles of Baking
This course focuses on fundamentals of baking science, terminology, ingredients,
weights and measures, and formula conversion and storage . Students will prepare yeast goods, pies, cakes, and quick breads. Use and care of equipment will implemented. Four semester credit hours: Two hour lecture, four hour lab.

CUT 1514 – Garde Manger
Prerequisites: FPT 1315, Culinary Arts, or permission of instructor. This course provides orientation to garnishing, preparation of charcuterue items, cold foods, and buffet presentation. It explores the various duties of the modern garde manger. Three semester credit hours: Two hour lecture, four hour lab.

CUT 2223 – Menu Planning and Facilities Design
This course focuses on the principles and concepts of menu planning, menu formats, and layout with regard to a wide variety of eating habits and taste of the dining public. Emphasis will be on pricing, menu design, merchandising, tools, nutritional considerations, schedules, and profitability. Effective planning and layout of kitchen and equipment will also be emphasized. Three semester credit hours: Three hours

CUT 2314 – American Regional Cuisine
Prerequisites: FPT 1326, Culinary Arts II, or by permission of instructor. This
exploration of the American Cuisine concept emphasizes freshness, seasonality, nutrition, indigenous ingredients, and presentation. It is a thorough study into the cuisine characteristics and traditions of the various regions of the United States of America. Four semester credit hours: Two hours lecture, four hours lab.

CUT 2424 – International Cuisine
This course is a study of cuisines of the world with emphasis on use of authentic
ingredients, methods, and terminology. Four semester credit hours: Two hour lecture, four hour lab.

CUT 2243 – Dining Room Management
This course focuses on management of a restaurant dining room including
good housekeeping techniques, fine food, and efficient service. It covers French, Russian, American, and English waited table service, limited service, counter, tray, and catering. Emphasis will be placed on staffing, scheduling, controls and skill required to effectively supervise a dining room operation. Three semester credit hours: One hour
lecture, four hour lab.

CUT 2923 - Supervised Work Experience in Culinary Arts Technology
This course is a cooperative program between industry and education and is designed to integrate the student’s technical studies with industrial experience. Credit is
awarded on the basis of one semester hour per 45 industrial contact hours. Three semester credit hours.

HRT 1123 – Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Designed as an introduction to the hospitality and tourism industry. The course includes discussions and industry observations to discover the opportunities, trends,
problems, and organizations in the field. Three semester credit hours: Three hour lecture.

HRT 1213 - Sanitation and Safety
Basic principles of microbiology, sanitation, and safety procedures for a food
service operation. Implementation of sanitation procedures, cost control, and risk reduction standards in a hospitality operation are covered. ServSafe Sanitation Certification from the National Restaurant Association is offered as part of this course. Three semester credit hours: Three hour lecture.

HRT 1223– Restaurant and Catering Operations
This course focuses on principles of organizing and managing food and beverage facilities and catering operations. Three semester credit hour: Two hour lecture, two hour lab.

HRT 2613 – Hospitality Supervision
This course focuses on supervisory skills in leadership styles, communication
skills, motivational techniques, employee training techniques, and evaluation methods. Three semester credit hour: Three hour lecture.

HRT 2623 – Hospitality Human Resource Management
This course is designed to explore the principles of hospitality human resource management with an emphasis placed on the study of human behavior and human relations in the hospitality industry. Three semester credit hours: Three hour lecture