Jones College

Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory academic progress has three standards of measurement that a student must meet and is calculated at the end of each semester. In order to maintain financial eligibility, students must progress according to the table. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the SAP Policy and to monitor his/her progress each semester. If satisfactory academic progress is not met, all federal financial aid, including Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, will be terminated. 

Cumulative Semester Hours Attempted Minimum Required Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)* Completion Rate/Percentage of Hours Passed
Dual Credits1.050%
1 - 241.550%
25 - 481.7567%

*Does not apply to State or Institutional scholarships that may require a higher GPA

Three Standards of Measurement

Satisfactory Academic Progress measures three separate standards that are reviewed at the end of each semester of attendance by the Financial Aid Office based on the cumulative hours attempted.

  1. Qualitative component that measures the minimum grade point average.
  2. Quantitative component that measures the pace of progression.
  3. Maximum timeframe of attendance in which the student must complete the degree requirements. The review of the maximum timeframe standards includes all institutional and transfer work that has been accepted by Jones, including college course(s) attended while in high school.

Financial Aid Warning

This status is assigned to a student the first time it is determined they have failed to meet the SAP standards based on the level of enrollment. For each SAP measurement (GPA, Completion Rate, and 84 hours for Maximum Timeframe), the first violation will result in the student receiving a warning. Students are only given one semester of warning for not meeting SAP standards during their enrollment at Jones College.

Financial Aid Suspenion

This status is assigned to a student that does not meet the SAP standards for a subsequent semester based on their level of enrollment. When a student is determined to be on suspension, their financial aid eligibility will be revoked or denied.

Notification of Financial Aid Warning and Suspension will be emailed to students at the end of the semester.

Students that are placed on suspension will be responsible for all charges incurred for subsequent semesters of enrollment. Students may appeal for review by the Financial Aid Office by completing an appeal form. The appeal is to recognize extenuating circumstances that prevented students from meeting SAP standards. Upon receipt of the appeal, the Director, or Assistant Director, of Financial Aid will review the appeal. Once reviewed, students will be notified notified via their Jones College email with the outcome of the appeal, whether approved or denied. If the student would like to appeal the decision, a request can be made with the Financial Aid Office.

If the appeal is approved, students will be considered on probation. Financial aid will then be awarded if all other financial aid requirements have been met. Students will remain in this status until the completion of the appeal timeframe, as long as the student continues to meet the conditions of the appeal. Students who do not meet the conditions of the appeal will be placed back on financial aid suspension. An appeal will not be approved for a semester that has ended. If an appeal is approved, and the student has reached the maximum of Pell Grant lifetime eligibility (600% or equivalency of 12 full-time semesters), the appeal will not apply to the awarding of Pell Grant.