JCJC Student Success Center

About Jones County Junior College


Jones County Junior College will inspire greatness by providing educational opportunities for its students, employees, and surrounding communities.


Jones will be the college of choice for students, businesses, and the community for developing relationships, maximizing potential, and improving the quality of life of all associated with the college.


Jones is committed to, demonstrates, and is accountable for . . .
Engaged Learning
Community Service


The college shall make available . . .
Human, financial, and physical resources necessary for quality programming.
Educational programs to meet the interests and needs of students.
Resources to work with agencies and industries to enhance economic development.
Educational support services to meet the needs of students and educational programs.
Educational improvement through continuous planning and assessment.


Our Promise To Students

We promise to provide exceptional faculty, comprehensive resources and innovative solutions - in an atmosphere where talent can flourish and education is immeasurably valued.

Our Promise To Communities

We promise to provide valuable resources in workforce development and economic development for the livelihood of our communities. We are committed to establishing trustworthy relationships through aggressive, innovative and resourceful solutions.