Jones College


Proctored Exams

Where can I take my proctored exams?

Any MSVCC testing center in the state!

Out of state? Military?

The out of state testing center should fill out  the upper section of the form and the  student supply information for the lower half. The form should be emailed to eLearning at

How do I schedule appointments for proctored exams?

Review the document for a step by step guide on how to schedule an appointment. ProctorU Live Virtual Proctoring is available as a proctoring option as an alternative to in-person proctoring. An appointment is required; fees paid by the student to use this service range from $17-$30.

Available proctor testing times can be seen on each calendar day in SmarterProctoring. Each day may be different so to ensure that proctor testing times are available. During busy mid-term and final exam testing, proctor testing hours will be extended. For more information on proctor testing times and schedules, see SmarterProctoring.

Online MSVCC Proctored Exam Non-Cancellation Charge Policy

Jones College students who schedule an appointment for MSVCC Proctored Exams and do not cancel the appointment before their scheduled testing time will be charged a $25.00 non-cancellation fee. All testing appointments are canceled after the student is more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment time. The Business Office will apply the $25.00 fee for each non-canceled appointment time. This fee cannot be covered by scholarships or financial aid. The student will be notified by email from the eLearning Office when the non-cancellation policy is violated. The student should reschedule the testing appointment.