Father and Son “band” at Jones College

The bond between a father and son is special. However, Jones College’s Director of Bands, Dr. Ben Burge not only gets to bond with his son Max who is a freshman at Jones, but he also gets to “band” with him.

 When the younger Burge contemplated playing in the band in middle school, his proud father, who was the High School Director of Bands at Northwest Rankin School District was hopeful. “He actually tested high on all of the instruments. He could have chosen any one of them. I thought it was cool for him to pick the saxophone,” said Dr. Burge, who also plays the saxophone.

After playing throughout his high school career at Oak Grove High School, Max realized high school and college marching bands are very different; but not because his dad is his director.

“I prefer concert season over marching season because it’s hot and agonizing. However, at Jones, it’s more relaxed here. I like playing for the audience and not judges. If high school band was like this I may have stuck it out because preparing for high school band competitions was very stressful!” said Max. “My dad pushes us but it’s more enjoyable at Jones.”

Dr. Burge noted his son doesn’t get special treatment in his band. In fact, he said he expects more out of his son. “He takes criticism well and makes adjustments as needed. He is a very good student and we’re very proud of who he is. He knows I expect a lot out of him.”

Max admitted there were some things he didn’t really like about growing up as a band director’s son, like the long rehearsals. However, both said they are glad they are able to share this priceless experience bonding in the band.

“It is a very special thing for me to have Max in my band at Jones! I get to see him every day!” said Dr. Burge. “We may not speak to each other but I’m able to tell my wife he looks good marching around with his bandmates. Band has taken so much time away from my family over the years. Having him here with me during his college years is very special!”

Growing up, the Burge family followed dad to the school on weekends for concerts or games. They often traveled on the road for football and basketball games too. Even though mom is a speech pathologist for the Lamar County School District, Cindy Burge has supported her husband coaching color guard students and dance teams, or just being a fan. Traveling most likely will continue for the ladies in the Burge household as the father-son duo cherish doing “band” together at Jones College for the next two years.

State Historical Marker

Politics and sports have always mingled on the state and national stage. Perhaps never more so than on December 10, 1955 when the JCJC president, J.B. Young,  made the bold decision that the college’s all white football team would honor their commitment and participate in the 1955 Junior Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California against an integrated team. A controversial issue,  the decision to play is heralded as a catalyst toward change in existing attitudes and policies that promoted racial barriers.Historical Marker With several of the remaining football team members in attendance during the 2018 homecoming celebration, a historical marker was dedicated in the rose garden of Jones campus, in recognition of the courageous decision of the institution and  its football team in 1955. The marker was awarded by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Madrigals and More October concert

A genuine October treat is being offered by our talented JC Voices many others on Tuesday evening, 10/30 at 7 p.m.  The concert will be held at downtown Laurel’s First-Trinity Presbyterian Church.  Renaissance Music, including voice ensembles and solos, will be performed by JC faculty and students as part of the annual “Madrigals and More” concert.  Audience members will experience the sounds of wind and brass ensembles and the chance to see and hear rarely heard instruments of the period  The concert is free of charge.

Jones College Students Choose Chambers and Woullard as Mr. and Miss JC

Jones Hall

Students at Jones College recently chose two people, BreAnna Chambers and Jared Woullard as the best representatives of the college, as Mr. and Miss JC.  This honor is bestowed upon a sophomore who is not only involved in college activities but who also exemplifies Jones and is considered a role model by their peers.

“Miss JC,” BreAnna Chambers is from the Buckatunna community of Wayne County and is majoring in speech pathology and audiology. At Jones, she is a member of the Student Government Association, Baptist Student Union and JC Diamond Girls. While a freshman at Jones, Chambers was a member of the yearbook staff and a Resident Assistant for women’s housing. Her plans following graduation from JC and USM include owning a private practice for children with speech disabilities in Wayne County.

Greene County’s Jared Woullard can add another accomplishment to his growing list as JC students selected him to be “Mr. JC.” The engineering major is a member of the academic honor society, Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society. For the last two years, Woullard has been a member of the Concert Choir, Engineering Club, Bobcat Brigade, the student ambassador and recruiting organization, the Presidential Student Advisory Task Force and the Charles Pickering Honors Institute.  Woullard proudly served students as the Freshman Class president, was voted as one of the Freshman Class Favorites, and he is currently serving as the Student Government Association president. The Letter “J” Award recipient also finds time to play intramural volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, and softball. His future plans include becoming a chemical engineer after earning his bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University.

Comic Book Art Display

A celebration of comic book character portraits created through layers of pastel, acrylic and digital effects are on display now at the Eula Bass art gallery on the Jones College campus.

Thomas Jackson of Hattiesburg, artist and comic book enthusiast, will present an “Art Talk” on campus on Tuesday, October 23rd at 1 p.m. The “Art Talk” and gallery are open to the public. Besides Jackson’s comic book collection on display, his talents also include a wide variety of literary figures and scenery.

The Eula Banks Art Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.