Fall semester starts off “normal” at Jones College

ELLISVILLE – The first day of the fall semester Monday, August 23, seemed to be more “normal” according to students and administrators at Jones College. After a year of virtual and/or hybrid classes, students are meeting in person while wearing masks and trying to physically distance themselves.

“The campus feels alive today with activity and excitement! We are thrilled to be able to welcome students back to class in a traditional setting and we are offering some of the more ‘normal’ activities we all have missed,” said Dr. Finee’ Ruffin, Jones College Executive Vice President, Chief Enrollment Management, Information Technology and Marketing Officer.

With everyone back on campus, finding a parking spot was challenging, as usual. Freshmen students like Ariyonne Varra of Lake, and Kenaz Gaddis of Columbia were actively searching for their next classes and dodging cars as they traveled across campus.

“It’s going really well today,” said Varra a nursing major. “There’s a nice vibe here and everyone has been so helpful.”

As a member of the colorguard in the Maroon Typhoon Marching Band, Gaddis added, “Everybody has been very friendly. I’m really looking forward to the first performance for the band and pep rally next week during ‘Meet the Bobcats.’”

Especially happy to be living on campus are freshmen, Amberlyn Holifield of Leakesville, and Lily Hendrix of Sumrall. They said being at Jones College this semester has been refreshing.

“I love living on campus because it is so easy to meet people, especially after last year with everything being virtual,” said Hendrix who is majoring in elementary education.

Holifield said she likes living on campus for the convenience. “Besides meeting a lot of people, it’s easier to get to classes, and I don’t have to wake up as early!”

As a dual-enrolled student last year, freshmen, Danielle Fenton of Laurel said she is excited to be able to take traditional classes at Jones College this fall.

“I didn’t mind virtual classes too much; it was actually easier to ‘go to’ class when it fit my schedule. However, I missed the social aspects of college. I am hopeful this year will be much better than last year.”

For more information about Jones College check out the website: https://www.jcjc.edu/