Jones College & Lauren Rogers Museum create mural for Laurel’s Social Club

LAUREL – A colorful collaboration between Jones College’s Visual Arts Department Chair and instructor, Mark Brown, and the Education Outreach Coordinator for Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Kelly Rosa, produced a beautiful rainbow for downtown Laurel to enjoy. Along with Brown’s daughter Maddie, the three painted a rainbow mural for the Social Club of Laurel which is a place for individuals with sensory and social sensitivities.

According to Social Club Director, Crystal Phillips, “The mission of the Social Club is to provide a community-based outreach center that hosts ability inclusive recreation and socialization, while also serving as an educational and networking hub for both caregivers and professionals. With the artist’s help, the center will be a little brighter to enjoy.”

The Brown’s and Rosa said they were happy to provide their services to render a rainbow-themed mural for the waiting area of the center.

“I genuinely enjoy helping out within our region and community and try to model the importance of community involvement for my children and students,” said Brown. “I have always valued the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art and was very grateful to Kelly Rosa for lending her talents.”

The three artists spent a Saturday drawing and painting the 12-foot-wide mural inside the Social Club Center, hoping it will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

“It’s always a pleasure and a privilege for me to be involved in a community project, especially murals and other forms of public art; it’s a great way to share art with many people and to offer enrichment and inspiration,” said Rosa.

For more information about the Social Club of Laurel, contact Crystal Phillips at 601-342-5247.