Jones College offers new, 4-day class schedules 

ELLISVILLEThis fall, Jones College students will now have more options to fit classes into their busy schedules with a four-day class schedule. The four-day class schedule has been offered before, but now students will have a longer weekend with classes being offered Monday through Thursday.

“This adjustment is driven by our understanding of the challenges faced by our student body, many of whom are balancing full-time employment with their academic pursuits. Moving the day off to Friday offers a continuous four-day academic week, which is more conducive to uninterrupted learning and provides a more predictable schedule for work and study planning,” said EVP of Instructional Affairs, Dr. Tessa Flowers.

“Additionally, this change facilitates a three-day weekend, giving students the opportunity for extended rest, personal endeavors, or additional work hours, ultimately supporting their mental health, job commitments, and academic success. This strategic decision underscores Jones College’s mission dedication to creating an academic environment that is both supportive and adaptive to the needs of our students.”

Nine out of the 15 Community Colleges in the state offer Monday through Thursday schedules. In fall 2024, Jones joins the growing list of colleges offering more options for working students. A growing number of Jones College students work while enrolled in college courses.

All prospective students should begin the registration process by completing an application for admissions which can be found on the website,   Currently, students can sign up for fall classes through their Admissions Counselor in Enrollment Services. If you have further questions, please call (601) 477-4257 to speak to an Admissions Counselor or visit to connect with your Admissions Counselor by email.