Jones College students return to campus

ELLISVILLE – Jones College students have returned to campus for the traditional campus life experience, including face-to-face classes. The fall semester began August 10, with all University-Parallel (academic) courses being taught completely online through Friday, September 4, to help lessen the spread of COVID-19. While some career and technical students and some students taking medical courses cautiously met on campus for the last month, most students waited until after the Labor Day holiday to return to campus. Students entering campus are still required to check-in at one of the 21 Health Stations before going anywhere on campus, including dorm rooms. Most students like Greene County’s Joshua Cook said they don’t mind the extra level of protection.

“I have loved being back on campus! I’m so thankful Jones is taking every precaution to give us a safe and enjoyable school year!” said the sophomore business major from Leakesville.

Like Cook, sophomores, Caidyn Crowder of Ellisville, and McKay Lee Bray of Leakesville are happy to be back living on campus and taking face-to-face classes. They said their science labs and classes are better “in person” but they appreciated the extra efforts their instructors made ensuring they were successful in their virtual learning.

“I am really glad to be back in class, seeing my teachers,” said Bray. “Jones’ science instructors did a great job of handling and overcoming the additional challenges of providing lab experiences, safely. I also appreciate they were open to our suggestions and that is what I love about Jones! They really want you to succeed!”

The biology majors, Bray and Crowder said they also really enjoy taking early morning strolls on campus before their classes.

“This is a return to ‘normal’ for us, waking up on campus in our dorm room, enjoying a walk around the lake before classes. I’m really excited to be back!” said Crowder.

Classes requiring face-to-face instruction and hands-on training, are meeting in smaller groups and students are spaced six feet apart in classrooms. Check out the Jones College website at for more information.