Jones College’s Maroon Typhoon prepares a “Styleish” show

ELLISVILLE – Jones College’s 2021-22 Maroon Typhoon Marching Band is ready to blow fans away with a “Styleish” show this fall. Being fortunate to finish a week of band camp after having it canceled last year, the approximately 160 members endured the Mississippi heat fine-tuning their technical and marching skills. Director of Bands, Dr. Ben Burge is thrilled with the group’s accomplishments after an intense week of drills.

“This group of resilient, young people has been a joy to work with during Band Camp,” said Burge. “COVID-19 has impacted them in so many ways. I am glad we were able to get through this very important week of training with almost everyone! I am hopeful we will be able to continue to provide a wonderful college experience for them at Jones. They have already proven to be very flexible and very hardworking. I am looking forward to showing the Jones family what they can do!”

Sophomore Morgan Breland of Ellisville is especially happy to be able to participate in Band Camp this year. The South Jones High School graduate enjoyed her time on the Bravette dance team and was looking forward to coming to Jones College her freshman year before everything was canceled. This year, she almost missed out again because the COVID-19 virus kept her isolated just before Band Camp.

“Although COVID-19 guidelines have strongly impacted our normal activities, we have made the best of the situation. I recently battled COVID-19 myself and have worked hard to get my body prepared for our recent Band Camp. Although the days were hot and tiring, we were all proud to be back at Jones College. It takes all of us giving 100%,” said Breland.

Realizing many students did not get to complete their high school band experience and have missed out on so many normal and traditional experiences because of COVID-19, Burge said band members are grateful for the opportunity to perform again.

“They have missed out on so many normal and traditional experiences because of COVID-19. With the protocols in place at Jones College, I am hopeful COVID-19 won’t interrupt our performances this fall,” said Burge.

This year’s “Styleish” half-time show features the music of entertainment icons Harry Styles and Billie Eilish. The show begins with, “No Time to Die” from the 007 blockbuster movie by the same name. The nine-member Touch of Gold dance team will be featured in “Golden” by Harry Styles and again in the pregame show to the 1968 chart-topper, “Bend Me Shape Me” by the American Breed. The Percussion section and the weapon line are highlighted in, “You Should See Me in a Crown.” The show ends with the One Direction hit, “Steal my Girl” and “Bad Guy.”

JC Sophomore, Emma Burge of Oak Grove will lead the band as Drum Major, joined by sophomore Genna Ramey of Leroy, Alabama and freshman, Cambry Holiefield of Laurel-Northeast Jones. Also guiding the Maroon Typhoon in her eighth season is Assistant Director of Bands and flute instructor, Dr. Lindsey Keay, with percussion instructor, Dr. Josh Frans in his third year, and woodwinds instructor, Michelle Graham beginning her fourth season at Jones. Joining the staff as brass instructor, is former Marine Band member, Caleb Owenby. Lora Davis, the Touch of Gold choreographer/advisor, and 1989 Jones alumna, returns for her 30th season.

“I appreciate the opportunity to continue to be able to do what I love and offer scholarship opportunities for dance students,” said Davis. “Reflecting on all the band camps over the years, the big trips to perform in parades in Chicago, Dallas, New York City and Washington D.C., I have fond memories of the students, their families and the chaperones who have helped over the years. I particularly remember, Willie and Joyce Rigdon, who recently passed. They were a precious couple who poured into students for decades, including me.”

Breland said she began her love for dancing at Lora Davis’s dance studio in Ellisville, 14 years ago. The sophomore said she is especially excited to continue dancing for the former Saintsation and South Jones High School Bravette choreographer for one more year.

“Over the years, Lora has been a role model for me, as well as thousands of others. It has been a joy to continue to have her in my life at Jones College. She sets high standards for Touch of Gold and spends a lot of time working with the team. I am looking forward to making memories and performing with the best band with the best directors around, JC Maroon Typhoon!” said Breland.

Upcoming performances of the Maroon Typhoon include the “Meet the Bobcats” pep rally on Thursday, August 26, at 6 p.m. in Bobcat Stadium/Sim Cooley Field. The Bobcats will go up against Northeast CC in the first home football game on Thursday, September 2, at 7 p.m. A week later, on September 9, Jones will face Northwest CC and on September 30, Jones will square off against Hinds CC. Appearances in October include Homecoming on Saturday, October 9, at 2 p.m. when the Bobcats meet the Southwest CC Bears. The last home football game is between Gulf Coast CC on Thursday, October 21, at 7 p.m. For more information about the Jones College Fine Arts Department, contact 601-477-4203. For more information about the Maroon Typhoon, contact Dr. Ben Burge at 601-477-4095 or by email at or the Jones College website:


Name                        High School                             County           Instrument

Madilyn Pitts      Enterprise High School     Clarke             Clarinet

Summer Satcher      Enterprise High School  Clarke        Trumpet

Shakeeb Anderson  Quitman High School    Clarke           Snare

Anthony Evans    Quitman High School           Clarke   Alto sax

Dixie Pinkerton     Quitman High School          Clarke    Flute

Jeremy Corley      Enterprise High School      Clarke         Tenors

Kaitlin Davis          Enterprise High School       Clarke      Colorguard

Savannah Satcher    Enterprise High School   Clarke     Percussion

Jarrett Darden   Seminary Attendance Center  Covington    Euphonium

Sophia Gordon         Seminary High School      Covington        Flute

Eileen Ortega         Seminary High School       Covington           Flute

Kristlyn Parker  Seminary Attendance Center    Covington       Flute

Trinity Williams        Forrest County AHS                  Forrest     Trumpet

Tiera Hough               Hattiesburg High School         Forrest             Clarinet

DJ (Daniel) Jackson    Hattiesburg High School      Forrest              Horn

Emily Bingham            Petal High School   Forrest   Colorguard

Samuel Burcaw           Petal High School   Forrest               Horn

Abbey Dodd                  Petal High School   Forrest              Dancer

Analee Dumas           Petal High School         Forrest          Dancer

Emma Hampton         Petal High School    Forrest             Manager

Chris Hartfield            Petal High School       Forrest            Front ensemble

Victor Heath               Petal High School    Forrest             Clarinet

Zachary Gregore       Petal High School   Forrest             Tenors

Sydnee Mabe             Petal High School        Forrest             Manager

Tyler Nunn                    Petal High School    Forrest             Tenors

Lena Ruble                     Petal High School     Forrest             Clarinet

Angel (Luis) Salas        Petal High School   Forrest            Trumpet

Jordan Stianche          Petal High School   Forrest      Front Ensemble

Andrew Suttle                Petal High School    Forrest          Snare

Mackenzie Drinkard   George County High School  George     Dancer

Rebekah Brondum  Greene County High School    Greene   Colorguard

Jordan Evans    Greene County High School  Greene    Manager

Makaila Valentine     Greene County High School  Greene Manager

Jacob Moore    Hancock High School      Hancock    Bass Drum 2

Emily Ford     Clinton High School        Hinds     Trumpet

Tanner Hubbard    Gautier High School  Jackson   Tuba

Jaiquan Lyons   Moss Point High School    Jackson   Tuba

Sandra Massey   Stringer Attendance Center   Jasper Clarinet

Xavier Porter   Laurel High School      Jones   Tuba

Tyler Broadway   Northeast Jones High School    Jones   Trumpet

Logan Evans Northeast Jones High School  Jones    Snare

Gabrielle Hankins Northeast Jones High School    Jones   Colorguard

Luis Hernandez    Northeast Jones High School  Jones   Trumpet

Cambry Holifield   Northeast Jones High School  Jones  Drum Major

Alisha Hudson  Northeast Jones High School   Jones   Colorguard

Ema Hudson  Northeast Jones High School    Jones   Percussion

Raveon Pruitt-Lane  Northeast Jones High School   Jones  Clarinet

Brandon Murray  Northeast Jones High School   Jones   Alto sax

Katlyn Myrick    Northeast Jones High School    Jones   Clarinet

Jade Peacock   Northeast Jones High School    Jones    Colorguard

Cameron Pippen   Northeast Jones High School   Jones   Tuba

Kambri Pippin  Northeast Jones High School  Jones   Flute

Hailey Reaves  Northeast Jones High School  Jones   Manager

Kyyora Sidney   Northeast Jones High School  Jones   Trumpet

Reagan Thornton  Northeast Jones High School  Jones  Trumpet

Sarah Adams     South Jones High School  Jones  Colorguard

Laniyah Barnes South Jones High School    Jones   Euphonium

Morgan Breland    South Jones High School    Jones  Dancer

Joshua Brown     South Jones High School  Jones   Clarinet

Tyler Cash       South Jones High School    Jones   Percussion

Elda Cook   South Jones High School         Jones Clarinet

Nataley Evans      South Jones High School          Jones   Colorguard

Alex Lee      South Jones High School          Jones   Manager

Cambrie McRee    South Jones High School      Jones  Trumpet

Erica Kitchens     South Jones High School         Jones  Flute

Sydney Tisdale    South Jones High School   Jones  Saxophone

Bonner Welch        South Jones High School      Jones   Bass Drum 5

Kaylea Yates      South Jones High School   Jones    Flute

Heighlie Frias   West Jones High School       Jones   Clarinet

Karlee  Green     West Jones High School         Jones   Dancer

Kelbi Herring        West Jones High School      Jones     Flute

Mackenzie Herrington    West Jones High School    Jones   Flute

Corbin Hollifield     West Jones High School     Jones     Trombone

Ronald (R.J.) Hughes      West Jones High School       Jones   Tuba

Abigail Garick      West Jones High School         Jones   Percussion

Eboni McDonald   West Jones High School        Jones    Saxophone

Lorin Musgrove     West Jones High School         Jones    Clarinet

Marcus Nixon  West Jones High School        Jones   Manager

Hunter Overstreet      West Jones High School   Jones  Trumpet

Ines Rivera   West Jones High School         Jones  Flute

Aidan Slater West Jones High School    Jones   Flute

Isabelle (Belle) Walters   West Jones High School    Jones    Colorguard

Rhiannon Williams   West Jones High School    Jones     Clarinet

Emma Burge Oak Grove High School     Lamar     Drum Major

Will Eaton   Oak Grove High School     Lamar  Trombone

Kaitlyn Little     Oak Grove High School    Lamar   Colorguard

John Scott    Oak Grove High School  Lamar Trombone

William Purser Oak Grove High School   Lamar Tuba

Nicolas Barnes   Purvis High School     Lamar   Melodic Percussion

Jamie Anderson  Sumrall High School  Lamar  Tenor Sax

Brandon Broome    Sumrall High School     Lamar    Trombone

Erin Buckley       Copiah Academy      Lincoln    Dancer

Kenaz (Adonijah) Gaddis  West Marion High School    Marion Colorguard

Madison Foxworth        West Marion High School      Marion   Clarinet

Vada Koepp        West Marion High School      Marion  Saxophone

Ethan Robertson   West Marion High School     Marion Alto sax

Kaia Taylor      West Marion High School       Marion    Majorette

Mikel (Dalton) Whitehead     West Marion High School     Marion     Colorguard

Rachel Turner    Perry Central High School   Perry    Colorguard

Lexi Millwood    Brandon High School      Rankin    Colorguard

Gabriella Lopez  Northwest Rankin High School   Rankin  Colorguard

Taylor  Channell     Pearl High School  Rankin    Colorguard

Amy Thornton   Pearl High School       Rankin  Flute

Rachel Hawkins     Pearl High School       Rankin    Trumpet

Miyalexis Douglas  Pearl High School     Rankin   Euphonium

Cameron Dewberry     Pearl High School       Rankin   Bass Drum 3

Colin Ingram      Pearl High School            Rankin    Drum 4

Michael Arevalo    Pearl High School          Rankin   Snare

Hanna Broadwater    Pearl High School         Rankin   Colorguard

Jessica Moudy   Richland High School   Rankin  Colorguard

Callie Tisdale   Richland High School     Rankin   Trumpet

Rebekah Sudduth Pearl High School        Rankin Colorguard

Lily Taylor   Pearl High School            Rankin Colorguard

Madison Temple    Pearl High School        Rankin   Dancer

Garrett Griffin  Morton High School       Scott Manager

Anahi Chercoles  Forest High School       Scott  Colorguard

Jasmine Decker Mendenhall High School     Simpson Flute

TJ May     Mendenhall High School      Simpson  Euphonium

Jacob Dickerson    Mize Attendance Center     Smith Tenors

Abby Doiron  Mize Attendance Center      Smith   Flute

Summer Hughes     Mize Attendance Center      Smith  Trumpet

Daylen Hux     Mize Attendance Center   Smith   Tuba

Anna Leigh Ragsdale  Mize Attendance High School      Smith  Colorguard

Conner Smith  Mize Attendance Center   Smith   Bass Drum 1

Taikya Ducksworth   Taylorsville High School   Smith    Front Ensemble – Rack

Tony Ducksworth  Taylorsville High School    Smith    Tenor Saxophone

Meg Matthews  Raleigh High School    Smith    Dancer

Laurel (Tootie) Hunt   Stone High School    Stone       Trombone

Sara-Beth McKellar   Warren Central High School     Warren  Bari Saxophone

Ivana Bishop  Wayne Academy      Wayne   Dancer

Kaitlyn Beasley    Wayne County High School   Wayne  Clarinet

Rachel Carlino   Wayne County High School    Wayne     Manager

Tyler Dunn  Wayne County High School     Wayne Manager

Marquez Hundley     Wayne County High School     Wayne   Trombone

Isabella Kittrell  Wayne County High School     Wayne       Clarinet

Jessica Long  Wayne County High School    Wayne      Flute

Travis Kogutkiewicz   Wayne County High School      Wayne    Tuba

Stevonta (Stevo) Mayfield   Wayne County High School    Wayne   Snare

James (Noah) Schumann Wayne County High School  Wayne  Trumpet

Christian (Doll) Swindle Wayne County High School  Wayne   Colorguard

Logan Walker  Wayne County High School   Wayne   Euphonium

Out of State  

Dallas  Trehern  Mary G Montgomery High School     Mobile, AL Clarinet

Mary Elizabeth Kebodeaux Fruitdale HS-Washington County, AL  Trumpet

Virginia Ramey    Leroy High School Washington County, AL     Drum Major

Christian Branch   Leroy High School   Washington County, AL     Snare

Michael DeCou Covenant Christian Academy-Gray, LA      Front Ensemble