Jones College’s Student Affairs offers virtual student services

ELLISVILLE- As Jones College students embarked on a new journey off-campus Learning from Home, the Student Affairs Office knew it had to change too. Traditionally, students needing assistance with overcoming obstacles sought help in the Administration’s Student Affairs Office for issues concerning library services and housing or help in coordinating tutoring or counseling. Now, students can find the virtual services by looking for the Student Affairs “class” in the online portal, Canvas.

“We felt it was important to provide students with the services they were used to receiving so we had to adapt and carry Student Affairs into the virtual world,” said Jones College’s Assistant VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Tessa Flowers. “We have also enabled a chat feature where students can ask questions. A student affairs professional is monitoring the chat box from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day. Additionally, students can use the provided links to schedule a virtual meeting with someone in our department.”

Director of Counseling, Sarah Jones said students have reached out to her looking for help. However, she said, because of confidentiality, conversations are private.

“Virtual counseling is simple and very accommodating. Students love to be on their mobile devices so this gives them an opportunity to put it to use for a good cause.”

Additionally, Jones said she would be posting useful information in the module on a weekly basis.

“I want all students to know that academic and personal success is still possible on this modified journey. I would encourage students to take it one class, one day and one moment at a time. This will give them confidence in their ability to practice daily self-care,” Jones shared.

Students can schedule an appointment for counseling by logging on to the Student Affairs module on Canvas, then click the counseling button or email Jones directly at

To reach the Office of Student Affairs via email,  For more information regarding Jones College and the Corona Virus updates, visit the website at